Custom Baseball and Softball Stirrups Socks...

...the New Coaches Guide To Old School Cool!

Custom Baseball and Softball Stirrup Socks Featheredge Style
Baseball stirrup socks are making a strong comeback and it's easy to see why. They look great, they're affordable and only will they make your team LOOK like the pros it will make them FEEL like the pros.  If they feel like the pros they just might play like the pros.

Stirrups socks have been around for many years and frankly the technology involved in making them hasn't Custom Stirrup Socks Yogi Berra Quotechanged all that much.  They're not made of some space age yard,  they don't glow in the dark,  they can't take out the trash and they won't write you a doctors note so you can go to the game rather than work.  They will do something for you though.  Make you look good on the field.  Your team will look better than your opponent.  Teams wearing those old fashion 2-in-1 stirrups or even worse plain old solid color socks on the field just don't look like baseball.

Old School Cool will always rule the diamond.  It's easy to see why stirrups are making such a bold comeback!  We haven't even gotten to the best parts yet.

By now you're probably eager to check out the different styles available but be patient young grasshopper for there is much to learn about the art of stirrup socks.  OK not really if you want you can check out this online catalog --->  CUSTOM STIRRUP SOCKS  <--- right now but if you keep reading you may pick up a few more tips.  What do you have to lose? style.....or how about.....Northwestern.....maybe....Ivy League......

This is America.... The United States... Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.  Where would we be without the ability to choose our own style.  Fact is there is probably one stirrup pattern you will gravitate to right away.  I can tell you from sales experience that Featheredge is by far the most popular pattern lately but trends change. I'd love to see a whole team outfitted in the Ivy League but I have a feeling that's a bit too old school for most.

So in general there are a few basic styles of stirrup to choose from.  Each one has stripes and they are laid out in different fashions.  This makes things interesting.  You Custom Baseball Stirrup Chart 1can play around trying to determine what color you want the stripes and in which order.  So even within your standard patterns you customize the colors.

It's amazing really, think about it.  If you have 30 colors to choose from and there are 3 different colors to pick in the pattern you like that's, let's see, 30 x 3, carry the 2, divide by seven, flip the fraction... its 27000 possible color combinations.  OK, ok, don't get too excited- you probably only have 2 team colors anyway so that's gonna narrow your options down.  But I made you think right?  I have heard of teams ordering outrageous color combinations for special tournaments, benefit games and alumni matches so you may just get the chance to go nuts with the colors some day.

Wait what about that part that turns the socks into stirrups?

First off there is a big difference between a sock and stirrup other than the actual stirrup cut at the bottom.  Stirrup socks do not have any fluff, no padding.  They are designed to be worn over the top of sanitary socks, which can be purchased in a cushioned model.  Baseball Stirrup socks are made of multiple layers of a dense nylon material.  But I digress. 

To answer you questions, yes.  Yes you get to select the stirrup cut as well.  There are many Custom Baseball Stirrup Cut Sizeoptions but these days, and not to steer you away from a traditional 9" cut, most people are buying 4", 5" or 7" cuts rather than the longer 9" or 12" cuts of the past.  I guess the tradition al look of showing the sanitary sock underneath is only important to around 40% of stirrup wearing players.  And hey why not-  whether you get a 15" cut or a 4" cut the price is the same so you might as well get as much material as you can for your money I guess.  As for me I'm a traditionalist so sign me up for that nice 9" cut.  Still shows off the nice pattern I picked out, my team colors and the contrast of the stirrup on a white sanitary socks just seems right to me.  You'll have to decide this one on your own...psssst.... go with the traditional 9" cut.  What's that, nope I didn't say anything.  Must have been your baseball conscious speaking.

So there you have it some basics about baseball and softball stirrup socks.  Now please by all means click on the link below to start shopping for your custom stirrups today....or read just a little more and find out about how to design your own completely custom, made just for you and your team stirrup socks-  stripe size and placement, colors, cut it's all within your grasp just go to the NEXT PAGE...


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